AMG Pain will no longer provide chronic pain management services in the Nashville market after Friday, June 22, 2018. The company is closing for business reasons. Patients have been sent a letter that provides additional information concerning their medical records. We have greatly valued our relationships with our patients and thank each of you for your loyalty and friendship over the years.

Philip Beaulieu, Jr., M.D., Medical Director

Success Stories

I have been treated by six pain specialists since my chronic pain started and you are by far the best of them all! You are the only doctor I’ve seen who is brilliant, but treats patients with kindness and an understanding of the impact of real pain issues. You have always shown concern, respect and provided me with what I needed to help my pain without making me feel like a “zombie”. My biggest regret in moving out of state is losing you as a doctor. God bless you!
I wanted to write a quick note and tell you how satisfied I have been with the level of treatment you have shown my wife. We have seen many doctors over the past years since she hurt her back and none have shown her the level of compassion, patience and understanding like you have. You have reduced my stress considerably knowing that my wife’s care is the best available. We leave your office hopeful and recharged because you take the time to listen and don’t rush us away. I wanted you to know how much a non-patient appreciates the care you provide. Thank you!
Thank you for always being there for me. When you accepted me as a patient you gave me reassurance, put me on the right track, and improved my quality of life. You will never know what a positive impact you have had on my my life!